We Assist Investors when Buying Property Investments


Our specialty is the rental management of sectional title and full title units or flats in the areas like Hillbrow, Joubert Park, Berea and Yeoville.


We focus in strategic selected areas like Hillbrow, Joubertpark, Berea and Yeoville, to source and find hand selected properties to invest in.


We pride ourselves that the team is capable of handling any form of property maintenance in the Johannesburg CBD area, whether it is plumbing ,flooring, painting, electrical or…

Looking for a property Investment?

If you are looking for cash-flow positive property investments in central Johannesburg in areas like Hillbrow, Joubertpark, Berea and Yeoville, you are on the right site. We are specialists in selling, managing and doing maintenance on sectional title flats  in the inner-city of Johannesburg.

If you own any properties in central Johannesburg that you would like to value or perhaps sell, we can assist you with an accurate market valuation of sectional title flats as well as full title properties or buildings. We are striving to be known as a market leader at what we do and therefore we are striving to strengthen these relationships by building on what our slogan “ sound investing” echoes and we trust to add you as an investor or client that you can experience our “ we make it happen” approach.

Some of our top Properties to Invest in

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Some Frequently asked Questions

Why is Johannesburg CBD a good investment area?

The inner-city of Johannesburg property market boomed since the introduction of the Gautrain and BRT-program in 2010 as huge infrastructure investment flowed into the area from government as well as the private sector. This enabled investors to invest in cash flow positive full-title as well as sectional title property investments as the area experienced a property renaissance with national retailers, banks, restaurants, fast food outlets making their mark in the area.

Not only is there a huge low cost housing demand, but the existing infrastructure and services  like water, electricity and sewerage makes these properties even more attractive. If you buy selectively in the right areas and amenities, one can experience great capital appreciation, but the real attraction is the gross annual return on investments of close to 35%p.a.There are great tax incentives should the investments take place in the UDZ-zone as set out by government. Please follow the link on http://www.joburg.org.za/index.php?option=com_content&id=120 for more information.

Who will manage the rental of the property I buy through Mamela Estates?

Since 2011,Mamela Estates are in position to take charge of the successful hands-on rental management of the properties we sell. Our specialty is the rental management of sectional title units or flats in the areas like Hillbrow, Joubert Park, Berea and Yeoville. We also do the successful rental management of full title buildings in similar areas.

What happens if the tenant refuses to pay rental?

We are capable to handle any situation, of any form and can pride ourselves that we have a 100% success rate in legal evictions of tenants in these areas. Of course we follow a selection and screening system to place qualified tenants as far as possible.

Who determines the rental of the properties and is it market related?

In the past 6 years we have built up a substantial rental portfolio in various sectional title buildings that enable us to be a competitive market player in the area with regards to sales and rental management. We have a sound knowledge of what rental to ask for the properties that we market due to our extensive market research and investigations. On a monthly, if not weekly basis we familiarize ourselves with the latest market trends to be as accurate as possible when plotting a rental figure.

Who can the tenants contact for emergency maintenance in my property?

Mamela Projects and Maintenace is capable of handling any form of property maintenance in the Johannesburg CBD area, whether it is plumbing ,flooring, painting, electrical or carpentry. Our team is available 365 days a year, 7 days a week, to provide maintenance support to the property portfolio managed by Mamela Estates. We do keep record of all job cards, quotes and completed jobs that we can supply any investor or tenant with the correct and accurate paper trails, records and photos in order to keep maintenance cost at the bare minimum and to enable Mamela Estates to manage property investments to the optimum potential.

If I want to sell my property again, can Mamela Estates assist me with that?

Yes, we will be in a position to assist you to re-sell your property. We are focused to service an investor database therefor we strife for the best properties at the best prices.

Do I first need to view the property before making an offer?

No, not necessarily. Mamela strive to do all transactions with the highest integrity.You are welcome to fill in an offer to purchase based on the information provided on the website listings. Our offer to purchase does protect the purchaser to enter into a 5 day due-diligence period, to visit the property, inspect the management of the block and relevant information, should you want to. If the purchaser is not be completely satisfied with the property, the purchaser will be most welcome to cancel the transaction within this due-diligence period with no charge at all to the purchaser.

What happens if more than one purchaser makes an offer on the same listing?

As soon as we receives workable offers on the properties as advertised, we start to make appointments to meet the seller to submit the offers. We are in the business of selling properties, so time waits for no one. We aren’t an auction house, so we motivate purchasers to submit the highest cash offers that they can. It is advisable to get your offer accepted and to do a due diligence on a property within the 5 day cool off period. If you are going to wait until you viewed the property, it might be too late. Of course investors are more that welcome to phone the office on guidance what properties are still available on the market.